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a Process

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The Rootless process is a foundation strengthened by strategies and solutions to meet challenges and achieve goals.

It is evident from the start that Rootless is not a typical agency. First, Rootless partners with its clients, working with them not for them. We begin our Rootless branding process by asking many questions, so we understand our clients’ businesses. We use this information as a starting point for consultations. Our philosophy begins with the concept of working with our clients for the long journey. Xhulio Jamaku, co-owner of Rootless Agency, says, “It is our goal to work with our clients for the long haul. We don’t view our work together as a one-off project.” 

Co-owner Greta Bajrami added, “We need to understand how our client’s business works. We think about the business they are in and the challenges the owners have on a daily basis. All this helps inform the strategies to make the business work better through effective marketing.”

The first step in the branding process

The first Rootless Agency meeting with the client is a complimentary “discovery” session. We meet with business owners at our Hudson, MA office to discuss the project. We learn about their challenges and ask lots of questions to identify the core values of the company. During the discovery meeting we get to know each other better. Our goal is to make our clients comfortable enough to share their needs, wants, goals, and their long-term vision for their company.

Our creative business experts will analyze the client’s business, its growth and profitability. This meeting is casual and the coffee is our “treat!”

Our unique proposal tailored for your business

After our first meeting, our team meets to create a custom proposal designed for your business needs. We include pricing information for each of the services we are recommending. You know in advance what your marketing investment will be so you are well-informed and can decide whether to move forward with Rootless Agency. Only then will we move forward with our second meeting.

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Our second meeting

After the discovery meeting, our Rootless Agency team maps out the strategy to meet our client’s goals for their branding process. Often the big picture includes a branding (or rebranding of the company).

We discuss the brand identity which leads to decisions on a logo, colors, and fonts. We want to set the mood for the entire brand by selecting colors that speak volumes. Our clients may have a clear vision of what their brand needs to convey, or they may be starting from scratch. More questions and answers lead the way to brand identity and messaging. What does your company do? Who can benefit from what your company provides? How do you help your clients? We listen carefully, and offer an easy-to-use method of dropping in documents, photos, and any inspiration as it presents itself to our client’s team.

The Rootless writing team puts all the pieces together to create a one-of-a-kind brand identity and voice. The Rootless tech team meets with the client to determine what the technology approach should be to simplify growth through digital technology. They begin to formulate a plan for digital marketing that may include a website, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital advertising. Xhulio says, “It is our goal to help our clients with content and marketing ideas that come to life!”

A unified client journey

The team at Rootless Agency connects their client’s brand, content, and product digitally to create a unified and cohesive client journey. All brands have a story to tell, and we develop the brand together with passion and customer-focus.

The creative procedure of our branding process

At Rootless we listen first to what our clients like and dislike about other logos in and outside of their industry. We’ll talk about the color palette, the logo graphic, and the tagline. Rootless will offer several choices and make revisions twice before a final logo is presented.

The final files are created in several formats so that the design can be converted to every major extension. The different formats may be used in social media, a website, print, advertising, specialty items, or apparel.

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Social Media and SEO

Branding must extend to other digital marketing approaches. It must be consistent so as not to cause marketplace confusion. It is key to tie the company’s branding into the website. At Rootless we refrain from using stock photos and arrange for our photographer to take custom photographs and videos to use in all aspects of your marketing. This ensures a consistent, recognizable marketing image and message to support your brand.

Watch for our articles on these very important marketing tools to grow your business and achieve your goals for growth.
If you are thinking about rebranding your company or if you are a startup in need of a strategic branding process for your business, call Xhulio Jamaku at (508) 293-1847 or contact him for a free consultation.

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