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Rhize’s amazing journey in agriculture kicked off 15 years ago when we teamed up on a charming New England farm. That little farm and business they owned and operated? Well, that’s where the magic of Rhize began. It was a place where their love for crafting top-notch products, pushing the boundaries in agriculture, and embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship truly blossomed.

Fast forward a bit, and Rhize Cannabis Company has had the incredible opportunity to spend the last decade in the cannabis industry. Along the way, they’ve soaked up loads of valuable lessons and watched the industry bloom, thanks to the hard work of pioneers who gave their all.

And guess what? Today, they’ve come full circle, back to their roots on the New England farm. Rhize is here to keep the Vermont agrarian tradition alive, celebrating the charm of the small craft grower. It’s good to be home!

The Dilemma

When Rhize approached Rootless Agency, they were pretty clear what they were looking for. They wanted to find an agency that doesn’t just create a logo, but rather operate as their part time marketing department. They wanted an agency that would be able to assist with logo design, brand identity, product labeling, website, videography, photography & more. It didn’t take long for them to realize that Rootless Agency is the right partner for their long journey in the Vermont Cannabis World.

The Rootless Solution

Our purpose was to deliver Rhize’s brand identity, logo, product labeling, and website content with a consistent message. Everything began from Logo sketches. We created over 15 sketches, all of them focused on the concept of Rhize, which is a fungi that provides nutrition to a plants roots. The client wanted the Rhize logo to reflect the meaning of the company name and its philosophy of perfection. As soon as the brand identity was set in place, the product labeling began. Rhize wanted to create products that are visually appealing, while following the laws of the state of Vermont. All the labels are color coded, signifying the flavor/s of the product the consumer is purchasing. Consistency in product labeling is very important so that the consumer is able to identity your products in the shelves right away. The label font was chosen carefully to reflect the modern, upbeat feel of the product – funky, but elegant and one that could be read easily.

It is important that the website and marketing activities reflect the core values of Rhize Cannabis Company. That’s why when creating the website, we wanted to craft pages that reflect a modern technological advanced agricultural company. The website will reflect an open and straightforward communication style that reflects the Rhize’s commitment to integrity and trustworthiness. The brand and tone of the website content will be authoritative, yet humble. It should showcase the deep understanding of the industry while remaining open to new ideas and perspectives.

Words that echooooooooo


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