Alisa Dudaj ‘Alpine Whispers’: New York Fashion Week

When New York City Fashion Week calls, you answer. Alisa Dudaj, an Albanian fashion designer, has taken the runways by storm with her concept of mixing fashion with culture, leaving many wanting more. She stunned New York influencers when she debuted a collection that incorporated Albanian folklore touches into modern-day pieces. Alisa’s ability to infuse centuries of tradition into clothing suitable for dinners or elegant evenings showcases her visionary approach. Her entire collection is handcrafted in her native country of Albania. Alisa personally oversees each piece to ensure the stitching matches her vision perfectly. Featuring satin and cashmere, her clothes utilize some of the richest textiles in the fashion industry.

Alpine Whispers at New York Fashion Week

In February, Dudaj unveiled her collection ‘Alpine Whispers’ at New York City Fashion Week. This was a momentous occasion that excited the Rootless Agency team. We eagerly accepted the opportunity to capture every moment of this event, marking one of our most exhilarating jobs to date. Packing our cars with all the necessary equipment, we made the 3 1/2-hour journey to the Big Apple. Eager not only to meet Alisa Dudaj in person but also to witness the breathtaking ‘Alpine Whispers’ collection firsthand.

Our first step in any photo or video shoot is to ensure a thorough understanding of our client’s vision. For Alisa’s shoot, this meant highlighting each piece and capturing models from the best angles. Alisa emphasized the importance of simplicity in both photography and video, guiding our approach for the shoot. After a successful discovery meeting and outlining our script and content plan, we were ready to begin shooting.

Working with Alisa Dudaj

Reflecting on the experience, we felt a mix of excitement and nerves as we saw the line of people and influencers outside the doors of the fashion show venue. Secondly, New York City Fashion Week is an unforgettable experience, not just for the stunning fashion shows but also for the vibrant energy of the attendees. Amidst the buzz, we ensured our equipment was set up perfectly to capture every moment.

Working closely with Alisa Dudaj, we meticulously planned each shot, understanding the style and poses of each model. Moreover, our videographer and photographer for this shoot, Elvis and Endi, brought their expertise in movement photography. This ensure we captured the essence of New York City mixed with the chic urban vibe of Soho, all while maintaining the clean perfection of the ‘Alpine Whispers’ collection.

Our Videography Process

Greta Bajrami, our project manager for the shoot, coordinated with the videographers to ensure a seamless execution once the show began. With runway fashion shows often lasting only 3 to 5 minutes, time was of the essence. As ‘Alpine Whispers’ commenced, models walked out one by one, each showcasing exquisite pieces that redefined traditional Albanian clothing for the modern era. The clothing seemed to float on the models’ bodies, emphasizing the precision of the cuts and angles.

Alisa Dudaj’s attention to detail was evident as she ensured each piece was custom-fitted to the models, enhancing both the collection and the models’ beauty. The audience, captivated by the fusion of Albanian folklore and modern fashion, eagerly captured every moment on their phones. Our lenses were kept busy, clicking away to capture each second of this captivating show.

Alisa Walking the Runway

The highlight was when Alisa herself walked the runway. She received a standing ovation from the crowd. Excitement buzzed as we looked forward to the editing room, eager to see the results of our work.

Upon our return to Boston, we immediately dove into editing, knowing the buzz from New York City Fashion Week would be significant. The clothing line attracted attention from media outlets and podcasts worldwide, including Glamour Magazine. Our editors, Elvi and Xhulio, meticulously edited each shot within Alisa Dudaj’s brand guidelines, ensuring the essence of the ‘Alpine Whispers’ collection shine through.

Alisa Dudaj x Rootless Agency

The final results of the photography and videography were nothing short of incredible, a testament to the hard work and vision of the Rootless Agency team. Delivering the end product to Alisa and her mother, Nevila Dudaj, brought immense satisfaction. Witnessing their initial reactions as they viewed the photos and videos was a moment of pure joy for us, knowing we had captured the essence of ‘Alpine Whispers’ perfectly.

At Rootless Agency, we take pride in the work we do for our clients, especially when it leads us to extraordinary places like New York City Fashion Week. While we’re unsure when we’ll return to such a grand event, we’re confident that our work will continue to be as exceptional as the photos and videos we created for Alisa Dudaj’s ‘Alpine Whispers’ collection.


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