Rootless Creates the Brand Identity of Rhize Cannabis Company

Delivering Rhize’s brand identity, logo, product labeling, and website content with a consistent message.

Developing a brand strategy and identity for any company begins with an understanding of the product or service and the owner’s “why” … the reason the entrepreneur is in business in their industry with a specific product or service. It is the passion behind the company – its purpose for being.

When the company is a start-up in an industry that has a narrow marketplace, like products manufactured from locally grown cannabis plants, the task is somewhat more challenging.

Rhize Cannabis Company Farm in Vermont

A new company in a new industry

Rhize Cannabis Company began in May 2023 to create and distribute edible CBD products from cannabis buds grown on their own farm in Vermont. Licensed to sell their products only in Vermont, they produce in small quantities, which aligns with their philosophy of having complete control and a fixed focus on perfecting their products. They grow the cannabis plants, dry them, and extract the plant buds to produce a variety of products. 

The marketing strategy included the development of the brand with the creation of the Rhize logo, website, product labels, and overall marketing plan.

Cannabis Flowers from Rhize Cannabis Company

Discussions lead the way to a brand strategy

It’s “twenty questions time” when beginning to identify a brand strategy for a company. We met with Rhize and asked questions to determine their “why.”  We asked how they would “pitch” Rhize Cannabis Company in three words and in two sentences. Each of our clients’ answers brings us closer to understanding the company and their philosophy. We also ask questions to determine how to differentiate their company from their competition. What emerges is a blueprint on how to market their products. 

In addition, we visited the Rhize Cannabis Company factory in Vermont to take photographs and videos. This gave us a better understanding of the brand and the images we will use on their website.

Based on science and attention to detail.

Rhize Cannabis Company stressed their attention to detail time and time again. They explained that growing a great crop consistently is only the beginning. Rhize uses the best fertilizer and obsessively observe and respond to each plant’s needs. They pay particular attention to the water content in the plant’s root zones. The plants are tended by what our client calls “plant geeks”. Their careers have been rooted in the science of growing and harvesting these plants. They provide for each plant from root to tip. Moreover, they hand make all their products to ensure the most flavorful and enjoyable cannabis experience. Knowing their passion enabled Rootless Agency to move to creating their brand and logo.

Rhize Logo development 

The client wanted the Rhize logo to reflect the meaning of the company name and its philosophy of perfection. Rootless Agency created over 15 sketches that demonstrate the concept of a plant that takes nutrition from the soil and creates sugar that infuses the roots of the plant with energy. The logo signifies how the company takes care of their plants to produce the highest quality product.

The logo and the product labeling that followed needed to have a contemporary, upscale feeling to resonate with the demographics of the Rhize Cannabis Company target customers.

Once the logo was completed all marketing materials were branded with it. We established a product labeling strategy that promoted consistency among products. For instance, the Rhize Gummy products used a black jar with a band of color around the jar that signified the flavor. Rhize manufactures gummies in several flavors, produced with dried cannabis buds, tea, and flour. The labels are color coded — red for raspberry flavor and orange for orange flavor. Lid labels adopted the same idea – a circular label with a border band in color.  The label font was chosen carefully to reflect the modern, upbeat feel of the product – funky, but elegant and one that could be read easily.

Another product label for flower buds that are cut and dried for smoking had labels designed with all the regulatory language to comply with the laws of the state of Vermont. 

Brand identity and strategy

To attract their target customer, it is important that their website and marketing activities reflect the core values of Rhize Cannabis Company. Most essential was the message that Rhize delivers the perfect cannabis experience. Key is the fact that they handcraft their products using a watchful eye, proven science, and careful nurturing of each and every plant. Rhize Cannabis Company wants to share their passion for plant perfection with their customers. Their clients can almost feel they were present on the farm on harvest day. 

Levi Lilly co-founder of Rhize Cannabis Company

Next up – a website to distinguish Rhize Cannabis Company from the pack

There are other cannabis companies, but the website’s job is to differentiate Rhize Cannabis from them. Rhize Cannabis is a modern, technologically advanced agricultural company in a new-age market. Rootless Agency is creating a website that will reflect that image.

The tone and personality of the website will be authentic and true to the company’s roots in agriculture. The website will reflect an open and straightforward communication style that reflects the company’s commitment to integrity and trustworthiness.

The Rhize founders and team members are experts in their field, combining agricultural experience with scientific expertise. The brand and tone of the website content will be authoritative, yet humble. It should showcase the deep understanding of the industry while remaining open to new ideas and perspectives.

Rhize Cannabis Company Website

Coming full circle; Rhize logo, website, products & more

When developing a brand and marketing strategy for a new client, discussions start the process and at Rootless Agency, the discussions don’t stop there. Communication between agency and client is very important. We want to ask the questions that help us to “get inside our client’s head”. This way, we are able to deliver what our clients have envisioned. It is our job to present the client to their marketplace in the best and most successful way. At Rootless Agency we continue to work with our clients to strategize the marketing activities that will help them achieve their goals.

Rootless Agency is a full-service marketing firm, and is eager to respond to requests for brand strategy, graphic design, logo development, photography and videography, and marketing management projects. If you have a marketing project you’d like to discuss, book a complimentary discovery call today.


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